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Which Chicago bungalow has the most beautiful garden?

The Chicago Bungalow Association is offering cash prizes to homeowners with the best gardens

Chicago Bungalow Association

What’s better than a classic Chicago-style bungalow? A classic Chicago-style bungalow with a gorgeous garden, that’s what. This week, the Chicago Bungalow Association is hosting its first-ever Bungalow Garden Contest and will be offering cash prizes to winners. Association members are competing in three different categories, including best front garden, best rear or side garden, and the best window planter boxes. Old masonry bungalows in Chicago were often built with large concrete or limestone slabs specifically for window planters, and the Chicago Bungalow Association is encouraging homeowners to use them.

Dozens of homeowners are competing in this year’s contest, but only one can win each category. Winners will be each be rewarded with a $250 cash prize. Voting ends tomorrow at noon and winners will be announced at noon on Monday. According to the Chicago Bungalow Association, 4,000 votes have already been cast—but now it’s time to add yours.

Here’s where to vote for the best rear/side garden, for the best front garden, and the best window planter boxes.