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Colorful, eccentric Lincoln Park row house tries $1.65M

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There’s plenty of character in this old Lincoln Avenue home

If you could boil Lincoln Park down to one word, what would it be? Wealth? Perhaps ostentatious? Lincoln Park is an area with a rich history and equally rich architecture, but over the decades it has witnessed a major transformation that has seen a major change in both its demographics and housing stock. It’s a relief when you see a house that has some real character to it.

This old row home on Lincoln Avenue is one of those houses where you get a glimpse into what Lincoln Park was like years ago. It’s colorful and a bit eccentric, but it’s just a really neat house with a lot of character. And speaking of, it’s clear that the owner wants to keep this one in tact. The listing ends with a sentence in all-caps stating, “BRING YOUR BUYERS WHO LOVE VICTORIAN ARCHITECTURE.”

This one has hit the market asking $1.65 million.