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Here’s what $99K gets in Logan Square right now

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This is the only residence in Logan Square listed for under $100,000

So, you’ve saved up your money and you’re ready to buy your first place but you want to stay in Logan Square. Well, you’re in luck because amazingly, you can actually get something for under $100,000. However, once you get a look at the listing images, it makes sense. Let’s take a quick look around.

For $99,000, you can own this below-grade unit on West Dickens Avenue. There’s no open floor plan here—this is a long narrow residence. The square footage isn’t listed, but the unit doesn’t look exactly spacious. You’re also several blocks from Palmer Square and another few blocks away from the ‘L’ at this location.

However, if the budget is tight, you’re not going to find much else in this price range around Logan Square. In fact, this is the only listing in the entire neighborhood at the $100,000 price mark.