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Chicago Cubs asking for more night games at Wrigley Field

The Cubs want to add 11 more night games to their calendar


Management of the Chicago Cubs have made several big asks in recent years to make improvements to Wrigley Field and to expand amenity offerings to those attending games at the iconic ballpark, but now the team is making it known that they want to add more night games to the calendar. During an interview today on WSCR-670 The Score, Chicago Cubs President of Business Operations Crane Kenney suggested that the Cubs face a struggle that no other MLB team has to, and that is an ordinance which limits the number of night games that can be held at Wrigley Field.

“The city ordinance limits how many night games we can play,” Kenney stated during the interview. “We can play 35 scheduled night games, plus up to eight games that get basically scheduled by the national broadcasting contracts.”

The Cubs are allowed a total of 43 night games during the baseball season, but Kenney suggested that the Cubs should be allowed to host up to 54 night games—the MLB’s average number of night games for franchises across the league. Evening concerts can cut into the Cubs’ night game schedule, but the Cubs don’t have to share proceeds of concert ticket sales with the MLB. The Cubs decided to host nine concerts this summer.

Despite the grumblings, the Cubs have received major concessions from the city and Lakeview residents in recent years. Not only did the city ultimately allow the team to demolish and rebuild the outfield bleachers at the historic ballpark, but the organization was able to add large digital signage at Wrigley Field—a first in the ballpark’s history. In addition, the Cubs were granted zoning privileges to build a new plaza and a mixed-use building featuring office space, a merchandise store, and a new restaurant next door to Wrigley Field.

Earlier this year, Crane Kenney engaged with this city and 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney seeking street closures during day games.

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