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Midcentury Usonian-style home still searching for buyer

After a major price reduction, the house went under contract. But it has returned to the market once again.

The McConaughy Residence

A very unique (if not unusual) house out in rural Polo is still seeking a new owner. Built in 1962 for a Polo chiropractor, the design and floor plan borrows heavily from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian vision while at the same time having a very strong midcentury feel to it as well. It makes sense when considering that Verne Lars Solberg, the house’s architect, studied under Bruce Goff, a designer known for using unique shapes and geometries.

This house, also known as the McConaughy Residence, listed last September seeking $500,000. Considering the house’s architectural heritage and building materials, the price tag didn’t seem entirely unreasonable. However, the location is a tough sell. To help lure interest, the house took a $100,000 price cut in November and then shaved off another $15,000 in May. Just days after its second price reduction, the house went under contract.

However, as of this month, the house is once again on the MLS and searching for a buyer. The low-slung residence is very striking, blending both Prairie School and midcentury modernist elements, but will it find a buyer who appreciates its unusual appearance and layout? It’s available for $385,000.