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$299K gets this midcentury fixer upper in Glen Ellyn

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This early ‘60s home is a paneled wood and exposed brick lover’s dream house

Re/Max Suburban

This midcentury home in the western suburbs is going to require some attention and cash to get it totally fixed up, but for the right buyer, it’ll be well worth here. Located on Red Oak Drive just feet from the Big Rock Campground and the Morton Arboretum, this modest, low-slung 1,400-square-foot house is listed asking $299,900.

Built in 1961, the house is emblematic of the midwestern modernist ranch house. Tucked behind foliage and surrounded by trees, the house’s exterior is fairly incognito, but things change once you get inside. You’re greeted by an paneled wood ceiling and exposed brick walls—presumably viewed as cost-cutting measures at the time of construction, but certainly a charming appearance.

There are some issues here though. According to the listing, the interior is pretty well kept and maintained, however, the exterior siding needs some attention and the back deck needs to be completely rebuilt. Of course, it could be removed to create a more open back patio space.

This project house will cost around $300,000 to get it under contact.