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Concrete foundation pour for 56-story Essex on the Park tower begins

The HPA-designed skyscraper will eventually rise 607 feet over Michigan Avenue


The first concrete pour that will solidify to become the foundation mat for the upcoming Michigan Avenue Essex on the Park high-rise took place yesterday afternoon. The permit authorizing foundation work was issued back in April, but just last week, a permit allowing for the full tower construction was granted by the city. In total, the estimated cost of construction listed on the various permits adds up to nearly $175 million. However, the total cost of the project, which includes the rehab of the older Essex Inn next door, is pegged at $240 million.

According to a tweet from construction contractor Power Construction, 950 cubic yards of concrete and 168 tons of rebar will be used to fill out the tower’s mat foundation. The concrete foundation also includes a base for the assembly of a tower crane—something that has become a common sight around downtown Chicago over the last few years.

The glassy high-rise for 808 S. Michigan Avenue broke ground across from Grant Park earlier this spring and the tower will eventually deliver 479 high-end rental apartments, ground floor retail space, and 84 well-concealed parking spaces once completed by 2019.

Essex Inn

800 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605