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Chicago’s CTA stations then and now

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The CTA has shared a new video which contrasts its stations from the past and present

Ever wonder how much the CTA system has changed over the decades? The Chicago Transit Authority, the arm of city government which oversees operations and maintenance of Chicago’s famous ‘L’ system has recently shared a new video which looks at several stations, highlighting footage from the past and present from the same perspective.

Stops featured in the segment include the Forest Park Blue Line station, the former Homan Green Line station, the Ashland Station along the Green and Pink lines, the Merchandise Mart station, and a handful others. In the video description, the CTA says that the vintage footage featured in the clip is from the 1950s.

It’s certainly neat to see not only how the street scape and skyline has changed over the years, but it’s also fascinating to see familiar hubs as they were in the past.