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Logan Square transit-oriented development headed to Plan Commission with new look

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The redesigned plan cuts height and parking while increasing overall unit count

FitzGerald Associates Architects

Two years after its initial introduction to Logan Square residents, a new transit-oriented development (TOD) proposed near the California Blue Line stop is back with substantial revisions. Slated for 2835-45 W. Belden Avenue, the project from developers Barry Sidel and Mark Ordower of Ogden Partners hopes to address neighborhood concerns regarding building height and the amount of affordable housing.

The latest design cuts one floor from the seven-story version revealed back in 2015 and reduces parking from 44 to 30 spaces. Meanwhile, unit count has modestly increased from 95 to 100 rental apartments. Affordable rate housing has been bumped beyond the mandated minimum ten percent to up to fifteen. The development team has also apparently ditched architect Laszlo Simovic in favor of Chicago’s FitzGerald Associates. The new-look project features a variety of exterior cladding materials, more pronounced balconies, a green roof, and communal resident deck.

According to DNAinfo, the plan has the support of Ald. Joe Moreno (1st). "The Alderman does support the project, which was reduced by a floor to address community concerns about the height, and which will provide 15 new affordable units in the Logan Square community," read an email from Moreno’s chief of staff Raymond Valadez. With the elected official’s blessing, the proposal at 2835-45 W. Belden Avenue is likely to coast through this month’s meeting of the Chicago Plan Commission.

Goole Street View
AJ LaTrace/Curbed Chicago
FitzGerald Associates Architects

The seven-story design [left] versus the redesigned six-story version [right].