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New tilt-shift time lapse video makes Chicago look like a miniature model

The photographer used real tilt-shift lenses, not software, to create the footage

There’s no shortage of time lapse videos of Chicago out there, but this new one looks at Chicago from a different angle. Titled “Elevated,” the two-and-a-half minute video from photographer Chris Biela utilizes tilt-shift photography to make Chicago appear like a miniature model. In the description for the video, Biela details that the footage is real tilt-shift photography using the proper lenses, versus a digital plug-in that simulates the tilt-shift effect.

“Since this effect is achieved easily and to often using software, I found this more challenging with actual T-S Lens,” Biela states in the video’s description. “It took me really long time to collect sequences (some dated January 2016), requiring higher elevation. Every now and then I was able to shoot from high-rises and finally gathered enough interesting time lapses to edit miniaturized Windy City.”

The video explores the usual Chicago scenes such as Millennium Park and the Michigan Avenue corridor, but it also takes the view inside of attractions like the Chicago Auto Show, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Field Museum of Natural History.