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Welcome to Curbed’s first-ever Frank Lloyd Wright Week, starting now!

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We’re celebrating the 150th birthday of the legendary architect in a big way

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Arthur B. Heurtley House in Oak Park.
AJ LaTrace

Often cited as one of the greatest American architects ever, Frank Lloyd Wright’s impact on the world of design cannot be overstated. Wright’s work not only reimagined the way residential architecture looks on the surface, but the architect took a holistic approach to design and helped shape the Prairie School movement and ultimately, modern architecture.

But before Wright was a full-fledged superstar, the architect cut his teeth working for Louis Sullivan and designing residences around the greater Chicagoland area. Wright ultimately went on to design hundreds of structures around the country, but no other region can claim to have a bigger collection of homes designed by the star architect. For instance, there are 25 Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structures in Oak Park alone.

To celebrate the famed architect’s life and work for his 150th birthday, Curbed is dedicating a full week of coverage to Frank Lloyd Wright. Stay tuned throughout the week for maps, essays, and other special features exploring all things Wright.

And as always, if you have something to add about Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School movement, the comments—and the tipline—are here for you. Ready? Good—let’s get this party started.