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Condo units in River West’s ‘Caden James’ development hit the market

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This 25-unit boutique building overlooking the Kennedy Expressway is ready to open its doors

Image via Urban Real Estate

Replacing a triangular parking lot wedged between Morgan and the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago’s River West neighborhood, the seven-story condo building known as the Caden James is ready to welcome its first residents. The 25-unit development broke ground last spring and comes from Chicago-based The Domain Group and Vari Architects. Though probably not expected to win any sort of design award, the project offers three and four-bedroom units with decent-looking finishes, individual balconies, and access to a common rooftop deck.

Over the weekend, a handful of three-bedroom units in the building popped up on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) seeking between roughly $675,000 and $770,000—putting the Caden James on the slightly more affordable end of the new Chicago condo spectrum. The majority of recent construction has consisted of large, multi-bedroom units often fetching more than $1 million. With the rental market hotter than ever, the Windy City isn’t putting up any of the $400k two-bedroom condos that defined downtown’s pre-recession real estate bubble.