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Midcentury modern fixer upper in Woodlawn asking $150,000

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The house was designed by African American modernist architect Roger Margerum

Dream Spots Leasing Inc.

Tucked away on residential South Eberhart Avenue in the Woodlawn area lies a midcentury gem with some architectural pedigree. The house, which the listing agent describes as a “historical landmark home,” does not appear to have any official landmarking designation, but it is certainly one of significance. Built in 1959, the house was designed by noted black architect Roger Margerum.

A native of Detroit, Margerum designed private residences around the Motor City and Chicago. Similar to other striking midcentury glass homes built throughout the Chicago region during the period, this particular house has a strong modernist flair with its large glass windows and structural steel exterior. According to a Sun-Times story published after the architect’s death, the architect was influence by the iconic minimalist Mies van der Rohe.

As is, the house appears to be in rough shape, although the bones are all here. Interestingly enough, the listing agent indicates that the house has not exchanged hands since it was built. It’s certainly an undertaking, but could turn out to be the dream project that any big midcentury modern fan has been waiting for. The floor plan is unique, but this house could turn out to be an excellent spot for entertaining or for a small family.

If you’d like to surface this one back to its original minimalist, midcentury glory, it can be had for $150,000. It would certainly be great to see a preservation-minded buyer step up to the plate with an offer.