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Lakeview apartment and food hall development scores full building permit

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The project at 3833 N. Broadway will contain 134 apartments and up to 20 food vendors

Jonathan Splitt Architects

A mixed-use development at the southeast corner of Broadway and Sheridan in Chicago’s Lakeview community has received the all-clear to rise to its full height of eight stories. The project began work on its foundation and underground parking garage last fall but has since been announced as the future location of a giant new food hall known as ‘Lakeview Market.’ The 16,000-plus-square-foot space will feature up to 20 vendors and has already confirmed commitments from Furious Spoon, FireFin, and The Budlong Hot Chicken, reports Eater Chicago.

Once home to a Starbucks, the redevelopment will apparently see the popular coffee shop return to its northwest corner, as pictured in the most recent batch of renderings. The new project demolished the two-story 1911 Isaac G. Ettleson building that previously occupied the site, but developer Dave Gassman hopes to re-incorporate the former structure’s terracotta eagles into its facade.

The upcoming 111-foot structure from Chicago-based Jonathan Splitt Architects will also contain 134 rental units. The apartments and Lakeview Market are both expected to open in the summer of 2018.

Jonathan Splitt Architects