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New CVS and other retail headed to corner of Wells and Huron in Chicago’s River North

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The 10,000-square-foot CVS will be joined by revamped retail space to the immediate south

Mid-America Real Estate Group

A dated-looking retail strip in the heart of Chicago’s River North is getting a major overhaul anchored by a new CVS pharmacy at the corner of Wells and Huron. Surrounded by residential high-rise projects such as Exhibit on Superior, Gallery on Wells, and The Marlowe, it’s no surprise the site has become increasingly desirable. Thanks to the recent issuance of a building permit, 678 N. Wells is ready to begin its aesthetic transformation.

A facelift for this site has been in the works for some time. Last winter, a marketing brochure released by broker Mid-America Real Estate Group revealed a new-look for the block rendered in brick and other rustic, earthy tones. Based on a more recent flyer for the site, the design has been updated and now features much more modern storefronts comprised of glass and steel.

While CVS will occupy 10,000 square feet at the corner, roughly 7,300 square feet of additional retail space is still available to the immediate south, says the flyer. These properties will provide an opportunity for outdoor café style dining along Wells in addition to potential for rooftop decks. The construction permit for the CVS build-out lists Chicago-based Archideas as lead architect.

Huron & Wells.
Google Street View