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Two great units between Logan Square and Avondale for under $200K

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It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get a place of your own

Keller Williams Chicago

What can $200,000 get you in Chicago? Well, it’ll definitely get you a decent place if you dig around a bit. While it’s not as common to find listings in this range as much as it was in the years directly following the real estate crash of the last decade, it seems that if you’re patient and hold out for the right place, it will eventually surface. Here’s a look at a couple of places around the northwest side that are currently available for under $200,000.

3319 W. George Street #3

For $179,900, this 650-square-foot one-bedroom on the border of Avondale and Logan Square is really tough to beat. Finishes aren’t top tier or “luxury” by any means, but the place is nice and clean and the staging shows how quaint and nice this one can be. It’s not the largest one-bedroom for sale in the area, but it does have a lovely brick fireplace (decorative, not wood or gas burning), in-unit laundry, and a back porch. The monthly assessment is only $206, making this one in reach for many.

2842 N. Francisco Avenue #1A

You’ll get a little more room with this listing on Francisco. Also located on the border of Logan Square and Avondale, this two-bedroom unit is seeking $175,000. The unit is in a classic Chicago courtyard building and sports large bay windows, refinished hardwood floors, and radiator heat. This one is a co-op, so while the asking price is lower than the George Street one-bedroom, you’re going to be paying a much steeper monthly assessment of $543.