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Divvy expanding with another 40 stations in 2017

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The city’s bike sharing program will add 400 more bikes to the system this year

Curbed Chicago Flickr pool/Chris Wilson

Chicago’s popular Divvy bicycle sharing program is getting another big bump. According to Streestsblog Chicago, CDOT deputy commissioner Luann Hamilton announced this week that the program will be adding another 40 stations and 400 new bicycles to the Divvy system. CDOT has not yet revealed where these expansions will be going.

The upcoming expansion would become just one of several to happen since the Divvy bicycle sharing system was launched in 2013 with with 750 bikes at 75 stations. In 2015, the program launched a major expansion to bring the total number of stations to 476. Last year, Divvy expanded to Chicago’s neighboring suburbs of Evanston and Oak Park.

While Divvy stations are found within short distances in the greater downtown area and dense residential corridors along the northern lakefront and the near northwest side, residents in Chicago’s west and south side neighborhoods generally have to search a bit longer to find a station. Stations located in the west and south sides are typically spaced out a half-mile apart while stations found downtown and throughout many North Side neighborhoods are located just a quarter-mile from one another, John Greenfield of Streetsblog Chicago reports.

According to Streetsblog Chicago, the upcoming expansion for 2017 will grow the system to 620 stations and 6,200 bikes.