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Chicago Cubs selling Wrigley Field ivy leaves for $200

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The team was selling 2,016 “carefully removed” ivy leaves to fans this week

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To commemorate the Chicago Cubs’ historic World Series win in 2016, fans have plenty of items to choose from. There are of course the more traditional items like jerseys, hats, newspaper press plates, and so on, but according to multiple sources, this week, the Cubs have been selling ivy leaves from Wrigley Field.

This week, fans were given the opportunity to purchase individual ivy leaves from the outfield walls at the Friendly Confines for $200 a piece. ESPN first picked up on the story on Tuesday, and according to the Chicago Tribune, leafs were still available to purchase as of yesterday afternoon.

The team didn’t just rip the leaves off the wall however. According to the Tribune, the Cubs indicate that the leaves were “carefully removed” during Wrigley’s annual offseason pruning. According to ESPN, the team was selling a total of 2,016 leaves to fans. A search for the ivy leaves in the Cub’s official web store did not appear to return any results as of this morning. However, Cubs-themed fidget spinners are still available for $6.99.