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Half-floor unit in unbuilt West Loop condo development wants $3.6M

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Future residents of the upcoming building will access their luxury homes via biometric retinal scan

Units in a yet-to-open ten-story condo development in Chicago’s West Loop are starting to hit the market and they are far from cheap. Dubbed 900 West, the project at 900 W. Washington, comes from developer Taris Real Estate and will feature a “warehouse-styled” exterior by architecture firm Northworks. Residences in the upcoming building will feature heated polished floors, high-end bathroom and kitchen fixtures, 10'6" ceilings, and in-unit elevator access via biometric retinal scan.

A four-bedroom unit occupying half of the building’s second floor and featuring a large private terrace recently appeared on Redfin for $3.6 million—or $1088 per square foot. The sizable 1,600-square-foot outdoor space is an anomaly and definitely drives the price skyward. For instance, an otherwise similar four-bedroom unit on the sixth floor can be had for around $3 million, or $903 per foot.

Meanwhile, the asking price for the first of two duplex penthouse units situated on 900 West’s ninth and tenth floors approaches $5.6 million mark. Working out to $1128 per foot, the two-level home rivals some of downtown Chicago’s priciest new condo offerings.

While a demo permit for the single-story commercial building at the address was issued Monday, no actual work has begun so far. According to the development’s official website, 900 West is anticipating delivery in summer of 2018.
The two units on the building’s second floor will each have access to a 1,600 square foot private terrace.