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Thoroughly overhauled Oakland Victorian seeks $659K

This clean greystone was the recipient of an award from the Commission on Chicago Landmarks

VHT Studios/Coldwell Banker Residential

This fresh and clean Victorian greystone on East 41st Place has received a thorough renovation and now it can be yours. Located on a corner lot in the Oakland community, this single family home is just steps from Williams-Davis Park and Oakwood Beach. According to the listing agent (and an older Tribune story), this one has has earned accolades from the Commission on Chicago Landmarks for its rehabilitation and preservation.

“Every inch of the home has been redone with the highest attention to detail,” the listing agent suggests. And indeed, photos help illustrate just how much work has gone into renovating this 19th century home. There’s not only plenty of room for a growing family here, this old house is perfect suited for the needs of contemporary families. This one has just entered the market asking $659,000.