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Chicago’s upcoming Aloft Mag Mile hotel revealed in fresh renderings

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The 18-story development is currently under construction at 237 E. Ontario Street

Despite breaking ground earlier this spring, Streeterville’s upcoming ‘Aloft Mag Mile’ hotel has been a bit of a mystery. Though developer Tishman Realty Corporation provided a number of detailed renderings of a 24-story version proposal for 237 E. Ontario Street in late 2015, the team has been playing things closer to the vest since deciding to move forward with a shorter, 18-story design.

In October of 2016, user Spyguy shared what were believed to be updated—albeit roughly sketched-up—renderings of the revised Aloft Mag Mile. Last night, a pair of more polished images were posted to the development-oriented discussion board and confirmed the changes.

The 24-story iteration as presented by Tishman in 2015 (left); a rough 18-story rendering shared on in 2016 (center); and the latest, more refined rendering (right).
Tishman/Skyscraperpage user Spyguy

The latest design from architect Valerio Dewalt Train Associates appears to be a basic refinement of last year’s image. The hotel’s initial glassy, grid-like exterior has been replaced by a facade that leans more heavily towards dark, metallic panels. An alley-accessed porte-cochere—the development’s most controversial feature—is retained along the building’s eastern elevation.

Expected to be completed some time in 2019, the project will deliver 336 guest rooms plus a ground floor bar or restaurant space. Meanwhile, the narrow 21-story Hotel EMC2 and its Einstein-influenced eatery—known as the The Albert—have officially opened for business across the street.