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Two Chicago-area midcentury time capsules for under $250K

If you’re a fan of the midcentury modern aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with either of these houses

Coldwell Banker Residential

Being an important industrial and design hub for many decades, Chicago and its surrounding suburbs can boast having a wide and respectable inventory of homes from all modern styles. And fortunately, for fans of the midcentury modern aesthetic, there are plenty of homes to choose from. It’s not uncommon to see midcentury homes completely gutted and updated, but it’s also not so uncommon to see homes that are more or less original.

There’s never a shortage of solid midcentury modern homes hitting the MLS, but whether these houses will find preservation-minded owners is another question. Here’s a couple of new entries to the Chicago-are market that MCM fans might want to consider taking a look at.

20801 Olympian Way, Olympia Fields

Here’s a modernist ranch-style house located out in suburban Olympia Fields that is as much a relic of the Cold War as midcentury architectural design. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom house still features much of its original midcentury modern finishes and built-ins, but one of the big surprises here is the finished basement which the agent describes as a bomb shelter. The basement features a kitchenette, laundry, a bar area, bathroom, and plenty of storage. This one has a very strong vintage flair to it and for $239,500, would be perfect for any MCM lover.

9048 South Bennett Avenue, Chicago, IL

While less of a true time capsule as the house in Olympia Fields, this four-bedroom house on Chicago’s Far South Side, has an unmistakable midcentury feel to it. Built in 1950, the glass box look was very modern looking at the time, and fortunately, the exterior appears to be well preserved. Inside, you’ll find lots of wood paneling and mellow midcentury finishes. This lovely modernist house can be had for $240,000.