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City of Chicago launches new web resource center for immigrant communities

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The city’s new ‘One Chicago’ campaign is a direct response to the change in federal immigration policy

Curbed Chicago Flickr pool/Chris Wilson

As rhetoric from the White House continues to escalate in regards to sanctuary cities, Chicago—the country’s third most populous city—has just announced a new campaign to help connect immigrant families and communities with health, legal, and employment services. Titled “One Chicago,” the new campaign was officially launched on Sunday by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and several other elected official, including U.S. Representatives Luis Gutierrez and Danny Davis.

“Since its founding in 1837, families from around the country and throughout the world have made Chicago their home,” Congressman Gutierrez said during Sunday’s launch. “The One Chicago campaign works to celebrate those different journeys while uniting their voices as one people, one home, and one city.”

The landing page for the One Chicago campaign website.
One Chicago

The campaign comes with a new website that shares the stories of 13 people, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel, while also providing information to vital resources such as mental health care, the naturalization process, ID programs, and others. The campaign’s tagline, "Three million residents, three million stories, one Chicago," emphasizes the city’s population and diversity in experiences.

The rollout of the campaign is a direct response to President Trump’s continued threat to cut federal funding to sanctuary cities. “These past few months have shown that now, more than ever, we must come together as one city and one community to combat hate, discrimination and fear,” Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia stated at the launch of the campaign. City officials estimate that Chicago’s population includes 560,000 foreign-born residents.