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Rare Chicago Fire survivor in Lincoln Park lists for $2.85M

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Originally built in 1867, this Montana Street mansion is a rare survivor of the Great Chicago Fire

Photos courtesy of Busby Realty Group/Positive Image

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was devastating to the city, and wiped out nearly all of Chicago’s downtown. Relatively few structures survived the fire, but the ones that did—such as the Chicago Water Tower—were celebrated for their ability to endure. One such building was this large 6,750-square-foot house in Lincoln Park.

Built in 1867, this spacious house predates the Great Chicago Fire only by a few years. However, its location at 1248 West Montana Street was not its original site. Jeff Briggs of Busby Realty Group says that the house was relocated to this location after the fire to avoid demolition. “Rather than having his home destroyed, the owner moved his house outside of the area being rebuilt to these new fire code standards,” Briggs suggests.

And while the house does certainly have a unique history, it’s been thoroughly updated over the years. The old mansion features many new finishes and fixtures, as well as some neat extras. There are a handful of outdoor spaces sprinkled throughout the floor plan and a side yard just large enough for entertaining around a fire pit. This one officially entered the market last week with a $2.85 million price tag.