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Rent a Lake Forest mansion on the former McCormick estate for $17,500

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This large 10,000-square-foot North Shore mansion can be rented for an equally large monthly rent price

Looking to rent a place that’s truly extravagant? If you’ve got enough cash to cough up $17,500 per month on rent, then you can move into this 10,400-square-foot mansion in Lake Forest. Set on nearly 2.5 acres, the house boasts eight bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, and other amenities like an outdoor swimming pool with a pool house. Built in 1983, the house stands on what was once part of the Villa Turicum estate owned by Chicago’s wealthy McCormick family, Crain’s previously reported. The estate’s original teahouse still remains and is a part of this home’s property.

The house listed back in October 2015, asking $6.7 million—one of the highest asking prices in the area at the time. In June 2016, the house took its only price cut, then by November of last year, the home had exited the market. Instead, the mansions owners are opening up the house to renters. And while the rental market in Chicago is red hot, it’s tough to tell how much demand there is at this level out in the suburbs. However, if you’ve got cash to burn and looking for a place that’ll impress, here’s an opportunity to get into one of the priciest rentals in the Chicago area.