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Jefferson Park tower plan gets another bump in height

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What was originally a 12-story tower plan has grown upwards of 16 stories

45th Ward

A proposal for a tall, dense mixed-use development for the Jefferson Park community on the city’s northwest side has returned with a whole new look and another bump in height. Originally unveiled in September 2015 as a 12-story development containing 96 apartments with 265 parking spaces, the height was bumped to 15 stories in January, and now upwards of 16 or 17 stories.

Alderman John Arena (45th) announced the latest revision in an email announcement to constituents this morning, which also included a new rendering of the tower plan. While the alderman suggests that “for much of the building, the roof is at the 6th floor,” the latest drawing shows a tower with a staggered height that is topped off with a rooftop deck space.

“This building will provide a type of housing that does not currently exist in Jefferson Park: elevator-served apartments with super-fast and convenient access to transit,” Arena stated in his email announcement. “This kind of building will attract residents wishing to downsize from single family homes once children move out, as well as young professionals who seek easy transit access to the Loop, O’Hare, and the suburbs beyond.”

The programming doesn’t appear to have changed much since the last iteration from earlier this year. The plan still seeks 114 rental units, 200 parking spaces, and 10,000 square feet of total retail space. Alderman Arena adds that the completed development could generate $50,000 in annual sales tax revenue and upwards of $350,000 in property tax revenue for the Jefferson Park community.