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Postmodern ‘Suburban Village’ designed by Tigerman-McCurry returns

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The asking price of this playful and eclectic Highland Park mansion has tumbled more than $600,000 since 2015

Coldwell Banker Residential/Estately

Highland Park’s so-called “Suburban Village” home from the freshly retired husband and wife architectural team of Stanley Tigerman and Margaret McCurry is back on the market with a new, lower price. Designed for the Pochis family in 1988, the postmodern structure draws its name from the way its cylindrical and wedge-shaped rooms are asymmetrically arranged as if they were individual buildings oriented around a meandering central street or village piazza.

The playfulness of the exterior design is further highlighted by each space featuring its own uniquely designed roof. Inside, however, the brightly-lit rooms “are symmetrically ordered,” according to the description on the architects’ website. The architecturally notable home was recognized by the American Institute of Architects as well as the American Society of Interior Designers in the early ‘90s.

Set on 1.6 landscaped acres, the sprawling 5,100-square-foot mansion includes four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a large chefs kitchen, a circular wood-lined library, and outdoor pool. Previously asking $2,200,000 in 2015, Tigerman and McCurry’s PoMo Suburban Village returned earlier this week and can now be had for $1,595,900.