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Midcentury house has time capsule tiny house in basement

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This listing is for a time capsule within a time capsule

VHT Studios/@properties

It’s not everyday that you run across a time-capsule quality house for sale, and it’s certainly far more rare to find a time capsule playhouse within that time time capsule house. But here we have it—a truly rare find out in Forest Glen. Midcentury finishes aren’t for everyone, but people who dig the vintage aesthetic will certainly dig this one. Nearly everything appears to be original, except of course the appliances in the kitchen. However, the playhouse in the basement does have a completely authentic midcentury kitchen in it.

Sure, the tiny house in the basement could be removed and tossed out, but there’s some room for creativity here. It could become a unique, though slightly bizarre, vacation rental on Airbnb. The basement bar and lounge with its early ‘60s furniture and finishes certainly has a Madmen feel to it and puts to shame most any so-called “man cave.”

This is a unique home that deserves an equally unique owner that can appreciate the care that went into keeping this home as well preserved as it is today. However, that unique owner will also have to have a decent amount of cash on hand as this 5,000-square-foot, four-bedroom, four-bathroom house is seeking $1.25 million.