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Rent a four-bedroom apartment in Rogers Park’s cheetah house

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This large apartment is move-in ready and can be rented for $2,100 per month


A quick Google search of the address brings up articles with titles like “What the hell is this place?” or “Far Out in Rogers Park,” and it’s obvious why so many people have had the same questions about this oddball house. The front exterior of the house located at 1623 W. Estes Avenue is decked out in cheetah print and the famous pattern popularized by British outfitter Burberry. It’s certainly an interesting look and one that’s hard to miss.

For those who’ve always wanted a look inside the place, well, here’s your chance. The second floor apartment (which is duplexed up into the attic area) is currently on the rental market for $2,100 per month. The apartment is quite spacious with four bedrooms, but unfortunately, residents will have to share a single full bathroom.

Surprisingly, utilities like gas, electricity, and internet are included in the rent price but garage parking will cost an extra $125 per month. There’s also free laundry and a large shared backyard space. Up to two cats are allowed to share the space, and it’s safe to assume that they’ll certainly enjoy walking around on the ceiling rafters.