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Bright and breezy one-bed at Edgewater Beach Apartments asks $189K

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The clean unit boasts Lake Michigan views from every room

Jim Franco

When updating a unit in a historic building, homeowners and developers often walk a fine line. There are those who prefer a classic look and then there are buyers who want everything to be brand new and on-trend. But what happens when those brand new interiors start to look dated in a few years? Here’s a nice one-bedroom unit at the historic Edgewater Beach Hotel that is a perfect blend and balance of both schools of thought. On one hand you have a timeless building that is well known for its pink exterior, but inside, you have a unit that feels fresh and contemporary, but not overdone.

The staging is nice and shows how to make the most out of the one-bedroom unit, but of course, one of the main highlights here is the lake views. Located on the 16th floor, this one is high enough to get a sweeping look at Lake Michigan from each room. And with 1,000 square feet of space, this is not a tight fit for a one-bedroom unit.

The $189,000 asking price may be too good to be true, but this building is a co-op so be prepared to pay extra in the monthly assessment. However, the owner of the unit tells us that the $932 monthly assessment includes taxes, utilities, and of course, access and use of building amenities. Parking will cost an extra $105 per month.