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Chicago architecture graphic novel raises $20,000 in 10 days

The Chicago Architecture Foundation hit its fundraising goal with 25 days left

Chicago Architecture Foundation/Kickstarter

Just days after launching a crowdfunding effort for a new graphic novel aimed at teenagers, the Chicago Architecture Foundation has raised over $20,000. Titled No Small Plans, the colorful 144-page graphic novel looks to the 1909 Burnham Plan of Chicago and the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s own Wacker’s Manual of the Plan of Chicago textbook for inspiration. The CAF, along with a team of artists which include Gabrielle Lyon, Devin Mawdsley, Kayce Bayer, Chris Lin and Deon Reed, had started the fundraising drive in order to publish 5,000 copies of the graphic novel which it plans to give away later this year.

Because the organization hit its goal with 25 days left, it has bumped its target up to $30,000. The Chicago Architecture Foundation is also including new rewards for contributions of $25 or more. As of this afternoon, the project has raised $21,329 from 434 different backers.