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Construction to start on 100-unit development for Sheridan and Broadway

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The new 10-story development will replace a gas station

Hirsch Associates LLC

A new 10-story, 100-unit apartment development for Lakeview has been cleared for takeoff. Yesterday, a construction permit was issued for the planned development at 734 W. Sheridan (previously addressed as 3901 N. Broadway), which the permit estimates the cost of construction to be around $25 million. Unveiled early last year, the new development will replace an abandoned gas station with a new brick and glass building designed by Hirsch Associates LLC.

Google Street View

The construction start at Broadway and Sheridan won’t be the first for the area. A new eight-story mixed use development designed by Jonathan Splitt Architects is being built just across the street. Meanwhile, another dense new apartment development is being proposed just couple blocks up the street at Wilson and Sheridan. In total, the three developments are expected to deliver nearly 350 new apartments to the stretch of Sheridan between Broadway and Wilson.