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This $3.2M Evanston mansion is a purple-lover’s dream come true

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The massive manor and coach house feature many historical details—and purple aplenty

Jameson Sotheby's International Realty via Estately

Well-heeled homebuyers with an affinity for the color purple will find lots to like about this spacious and stately English-style mansion in Evanston, Illinois. Built in 1915, the five-bedroom home features touches like rich wood paneling, sturdy oak floors, original leaded windows, and—of course—lots of purple throughout.

Long considered the color of royalty, the bold decorating choice certainly works well as an accent in some rooms. In others, the color is applied more heavily handed to debatable levels success.

Situated on roughly a half-acre of land, the property is located not far from the shoreline of Lake Michigan and includes a decently-sized separate coach house. All that purple, however, will come at the expense of a lot of green. The freshly-listed 5,200-square-foot mansion is currently seeking $3,200,000.

That being said, at this price point it’s probably safe to assume that any potential buyer also has the budget to redecorate this suburban estate to a hue of his or her personal choosing.