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Tastefully updated foursquare in Ravenswood asks $1.095M

All of the old-world character and charm has been left intact in this vintage home

It’s almost too common to see listings of homes from very distinct architectural periods completely gutted and renovated to look like new construction residences on the interior. However, this spacious four-bedroom, two and a half bathroom American Foursquare in Ravenswood Manor still has much—if not all—of its original architectural details intact while still being very contemporary and functional for modern families.

The house, built during the American Craftsman era, boasts lots of custom finishes and features, and fortunately, the old built-ins, stained glass windows, and the original stairwell are still here. The homeowners score high marks for this tasteful renovation which breathes new life into this old house while also polishing what truly makes it special in the first place.