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Six-story mixed-user planned for Rogers Park

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The new development will deliver 38 new apartments and a stretch of retail spaces

Alderman Joe Moore

A new development which will deliver 38 new rental apartments and a stretch of retail spaces will replace a vacant single-story retail space and a large surface parking lot located at the south end of the Howard and Bosworth intersection, 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore announced in a newsletter to constituents this afternoon. The alderman also indicated that the plan is moving forward as of right as the property’s current zoning allows for such a development.

Google Street View

Dubbed the Howard-Rogers Lofts, Alderman Moore describes the units as “condo-grade” rentals. The alderman also provides some context to the new proposal, adding that another developer had previously proposed condos for the site. However, the plan for condos stalled out during the recession. The new proposal will be for rental units and 2,900 square feet of retail space in what appears to be a six-story brick and precast construction. While Alderman Moore’s message suggests that the development will stand at five stories, the included rendering depicts a building with six levels.

However, despite the developer’s ability to move ahead without a zoning change or further zoning approvals, Alderman Moore will host a community meeting with the developers to discuss the proposed development and address any concerns from residents. The meeting will take place at the Willye White Park Fieldhouse (1610 W. Howard) next Monday, April 24 starting at 7:00 p.m.