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Developer scores permit for new Portage Park apartments

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Noah Properties will be replacing two frame homes with 30 apartments

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A new apartment development for Portage Park has been cleared for construction. Developer Noah Properties is looking to replace two older frame homes at 4111 N. Narragansett and 4115 N. Narragansett with two newer buildings containing 15 units each. Last week, the developer received a permit to start on the first building for 4111 N. Narragansett which the permit estimates the cost of construction to be nearly $3.05 million.

The proposal was presented to community members last year, according to Nadig Newspapers. A Dunkin’ Donuts with a drive-thru had previously been proposed for the site, but was later rejected. At the time the apartment proposal was presented, developer Noah Properties suggested that rents were to start around $2,200 per month for the 4111 N. Narragansett development while the rents are 4115 N. Narragansett were expected to start at $1,175 per month.