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Fully renovated Humboldt Park brick two-flat asks $475K

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Here’s an opportunity to be a live-in landlord without the stress of remodeling

Dream Realty Services

While Chicago still has thousands upon thousands of old two-flats throughout the city, in popular neighborhoods, it’s common for flippers and some buyers to convert them into single family residences. The practice often times affects the density and affordability of certain areas, but fortunately for Humboldt Park, there is still a diverse housing stock with all types of residences from various periods.

This old brick-two flat across the street from Humboldt Park (the actual park) has been fully renovated, but it was not deconverted. As is, the property would be a perfect setup for a family looking to give landlording a shot as the first floor has been duplexed down while the second level is a separate apartment. The listing agent reveals that the upstairs apartment has a lease through March 2018, so there’s no need for remodeling nor is it necessary to hunt for a renter. This one is fully loaded and ready to go for $475,000.