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Rare midcentury ranch home by Bertrand Goldberg up for grabs

The house in suburban Flossmoor is a very rare example of Goldberg’s residential work

VHT Studios

Bertrand Goldberg, one of the great architects of the modernist era, is best known for the rounded concrete Brutalist forms of buildings like the Marina City towers, River City, and the now-demolished Prentice Women’s Hospital. While the architect pushed the field forward with his radical ideas towards urban planning and the “city within a city” concept, Goldberg did also design some private single-family residences.

According to G. Goldberg + Associates, the house at 1310 Brassie Avenue in suburban Flossmoor was designed in 1956 and constructed the following year. The house, commissioned by Leo and Sylvia Levin, features a minimalist, open floor plan interior, but boasts finishes that are very representative of their time. A freestanding fireplace anchors the living room space, which is covered by tall wood paneled ceilings. A floating wood staircase leads to a lower level that features a small wet bar space.

The house has been on and off the market since last summer when it listed for $460,000. It returns this week with a lower asking price of $425,000.