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Proposed 33-story high-rise could become Evanston’s tallest building

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If approved, the project would deliver 318 dwelling units, 179 parking spaces, and ground floor retail space


Last night a 33-story, skyline-altering residential tower was publicly revealed at a joint community meeting hosted by Evanston, Illinois’ 1st and 4th Wards. Slated to replace a bank drive-through and vacant lot at 601 Davis Street, the project comes from Vermillion Development—a firm that previously planned a 27-story tower for the same site back in late 2015.

The new, glassier proposal would contain 318 dwelling units, parking for 179 vehicles, and roughly 6,700 square feet of ground floor retail space. The older two-story University Building at the corner of Davis and Chicago Avenue would also be preserved under Vermillion’s latest plan. At 33 stories, the project would surpass the 22-story, international style Chase Bank Tower to the immediate northwest as Evanston’s tallest building.

The preserved and updated old University Building is pictured right.
Vermillion Development via Evanston Now

Needless to say, some Eavnstonians in attendance at last night’s meeting were not thrilled with the increased shadows, traffic, and “wind tunnel” effect the new development could potentially create, reports Evanston Now. On the flip side, the project is expected to add 770 construction jobs, 27 to 31 permanent positions, and $750,000 dollars in annual tax revenue to the local economy.

So far, neither the 27- nor 33-story version of 601 Davis has revealed a timetable for seeking the zoning changes necessary for the project to move forward. Vermillion is also behind a plan to replace the abandoned Lakeview gas station at Sheridan and Broadway with a new mixed-use development containing 100 apartments and 2,200 square feet of retail.