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Open thread: What do you want to see at the Obama Presidential Center?

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The Obama Foundation has been stepping up its efforts to engage with Chicago residents on its plans


This week, the Obama Foundation introduced the lead architects for the future Obama Presidential Center to South Side community stakeholders and residents. For all intents and purposes, the press conference appeared to be a direct reaction to recent criticism the Obama Foundation has received from community members and leaders from the neighborhoods surrounding Jackson Park. And despite their pledge for a more transparent, open, and engaging process, the Obama Foundation revealed very little to the public and media this week about where the proposal stands.

In January, the Obama Foundation asked the public for input and ideas. Specifically, the group asked visitors to highlight the people and organizations that inspire them. The solicitation for input in January appeared to be focused more on the mission of the museum and library, but at the press conference and reception this week, Obama Foundation leaders asked South Side residents to share their thoughts and ideas for the design and makeup of the presidential center. Architects Tod Williams, Billie Tsien, and Dina Griffin were on hand at the reception to talk to residents about the project.

So, what would you like to see at the Obama Presidential Center? How should it look? And more importantly, how should it fit into Jackson Park’s historic landscape designed by Frederick Law Olmsted?