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Chicago street sweeping starts next week

For 2017, the street sweeping season officially begins April 3

Flickr Creative Commons/Arvell Dorsey Jr.

With the rainy spring season and daylight savings time in full effect, Chicagoans can expect longer days and warmer weather in the coming weeks. However, it also means that the street sweeping is season is upon us.

Starting Monday, April 3, the city will begin the street sweeping season for 2017. To alert residents of street sweeping activities, the city places bright orange signs on affected roads at least a day or two in advance. Residents who are unable to move their vehicles in time will face a $60 penalty.

Generally, most aldermen will post street sweeping schedules along with ward maps on their websites, but there are other useful tools out there. Most notably, the website allows users to get email or text alerts in the days prior to street sweeping on their block. The website Chicago Street Cleaning also allows users to search their address and get comprehensive details on when street cleaning is happening in their area. In addition, the city has a full list of the sweep maps for each ward.