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New Michigan Avenue Apple Store getting glazed

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Workers were spotted unloading giant panes of curved glass from barges this week

Courtesy of Aaron Dunlap

As construction work continues on the new Chicago retail flagship from tech giant Apple, we are starting to see some of the final pieces come together for the ambitious project. In the last couple of weeks, construction crews have been unloading barge loads of structural glass for the Foster + Partners-designed retail store. We got a look at the effort last week, and this week, workers continue unloading massive sheets of glazing from a barge which will be used on the exterior of the building.

Aaron Dunlap

There’s still a lot of work to be done on the project, but crews are moving full steam ahead. And while the Apple Store project is certainly big one, it’s not the only major construction effort happening around the Mag Mile and greater Streeterville area. Work continues on several major developments in the Streeterville area, including the 57-story Optima Chicago Center II seen in the background of the following images.

Aaron Dunlap