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The West Loop’s historic former La Lucé building to host ‘pre-demolition’ auction

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The 1892 orange-rated building exhausted its 90 day demolition hold last summer

Flickr Creative Commons/Cragin Spring

While the old 19th century building that previously housed the West Loop’s La Lucé Italian restaurant is looking increasingly destined for demolition, both fans of the eatery and urban antique hunters will have a chance to own some of the structure’s old relics and fixtures next month. According to DNAinfo, an auction is set to take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 8th and 9th.

Dating back to 1892, the Queen Anne style structure is located at the intersection of Lake, Ogden, and Loomis and features a rounded corner turret, copper detailing, and an ornate weathervane-topped roof. The orange-rated building exhausted its city-mandated 90-day demolition hold in July, essentially allowing the structure to be torn down at any time.

While it’s still unclear if and when the former La Lucé building will face the wrecking ball, next month’s sell-off event has been described as a “pre-demolition” auction by its organizers. A continuous updated inventory list of available items—including La Lucé’s red neon sign—can be found here.

Bids will start at $250 for La Lucé’s neon sign.
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