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Report: The cities that Chicagoans are moving to

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Many former Chicago residents are starting over in warmer cities throughout the South

Flickr Creative Commons/Murray Foubister

It’s no secret that Illinois residents are leaving the state in droves—new data from the US Census Bureau shows that Illinois and Cook County are losing more residents than any other state and metro region in the country. While the significance and potential effects of the numbers can be debated, there’s a pretty clear trend of where Chicagoans are relocating to: the South.

According to a recent report from self storage marketplace SpareFoot in coordination with, new data suggests that Chicagoans are migrating to warmer cities throughout the southern United States. The report highlights the 20 most popular routes from users who planned long distance moves through last year. And according to the results, four southern cities—Phoenix, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas—have been witnessing an influx of ex-Chicagoans while Chicago has been a popular destination for folks leaving the Los Angeles area.

According to the report, the Chicago to Phoenix route was the second most popular move researched last year. SpareFoot and estimate the 1,435-mile move to cost somewhere in the ballpark of $5,500. And the most researched moving route according to the report? New York to Miami.