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Handsome and high-tech 1879 rehab in Lincoln Park knocks $300k off price

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about this historic yet environmentally conscious single family home

A large, ultra-luxurious home on Lincoln Park’s Cleveland Avenue is back today after knocking $300,000 off its previous asking price from last year. Despite the substantial reduction, the property is still seeking a hefty chunk of change—$5,995,000 to be more exact. With that being said, the pricey home is just the 14th most expensive active listing in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, coming up well shy of the record-setting $50,000,000 Parrillo mansion currently for sale on Burling Street.

The home is a welcome departure from Lincoln Park’s increasingly common faux-historic, limestone-clad multimillion dollar mansions in that it is a contemporary rehab of a masonry structure from 1879. The authenticity of the building is prominently on display in both the home’s handsome exterior as well as a slick wine cellar showcasing some of its original brickwork.

However, that’s not to say that the spacious, six-bedroom is low on technology. The LEED-certified property has a number of modern touches including a state of the art kitchen, spa-like bathrooms, a geothermal HVAC system, and a solar-heated indoor lap pool. Multiple outdoor terraces, a good-sized side yard, elevator, attached two-car garage, and a stand-alone coach house with two bedrooms further sweeten the deal.