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Take a spin on these 15 light-up musical seesaws headed to Navy Pier next week

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Known as Impulse, the playful installation uses both light and sound to create a large-scale “urban instrument”

Navy Pier
Navy Pier

As interactive LED art installations work their way into office lobbies, the 606 trail, and Wabash Avenue’s L tracks, another more hands-on display is on its way to Chicago’s Navy Pier. The Midwest’s most popular tourist destination announced yesterday that it will be the temporary home of 15 illuminated seesaws from March 10th though May 21st.

Designed by Montreal-based performing arts group Quartier des Spectacles, these modified adult-sized playground fixtures feature shifting light patterns controlled by the angle of the boards. With musical sounds added to the mix, the art work functions as a sort of giant urban instrument, “intended to activate the surrounding public space and engage participants.”

Dubbed Impulse, the free fixture will be located in Polk Brothers Park. Serving as Navy Pier’s “front lawn,” the outdoor space opened a new play fountain and offered temporary ice skating this past summer. It will soon see the addition of a lakefront “performance lawn” at its southern end. A 4,000-square-foot welcome pavilion is also planned for the park.

Impulse has made previous stops in places such as Brussels, London, and Lugano, Switzerland. A video showcasing the unusual art display in action can be viewed below: