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Lovely American Foursquare in Evanston seeks $769K

This pleasant piece of the American Dream was designed by Prairie architect Robert Spencer

2450 Pioneer Road
VHT Studios

Edge cities like Oak Park and Evanston have a large inventory of beautiful older homes for sale at any given moment, and these cities are due a lot of credit for placing an emphasis on preservation and fostering appreciation for the homes that give them their unique character and charm. And speaking of charm, this four-bedroom American Foursquare on Pioneer Road in Evanston is a perfect example.

Originally built in 1895, the home has a very classic Americana feel to it, but it’s also been updated over the years and is perfectly capable of serving the needs of today’s families. And it’s not just any old American Foursquare, this one comes from the architect Robert Spencer, a colleague and contemporary of the esteemed Frank Lloyd Wright.

There’s a lot to like about this one, and it can be yours for $769,000.