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Kenilworth is still Illinois’s most expensive zip code

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The wealthy North Shore suburb had a median sale price of over $1 million in 2016

Flickr Creative Commons/A.Davey

The 60043 zip code, an area which contains the small but wealthy North Shore suburb of Kenilworth, has once again been ranked as the wealthiest zip code in Illinois. According to data compiled by PropertyShark, Kenilworth surpassed the $1 million median sale price in 2016, topping any other area in the state. Other North Shore areas were close however. Nearby Winnetka saw a $890K median sale price last year while Glencoe came in at $882,500.

Despite the concentration of wealth on the North Shore, last year’s priciest residential sale was for a property in Chicago. A full-floor residence at the Waldorf Astoria which sold for $11.7 million last July took the crown as the most expensive sale in Illinois last year. According to PropertyShark’s list, 16 of the wealthiest Illinois zip codes are located within Chicago city limits.

And while the North Shore and neighborhoods like the Gold Coast and Magnificent Mile are well known for their pricey real estate, the Chicago area (and Illinois for that matter) didn’t rank in PropertyShark’s list of 100 most expensive zip codes in the U.S. Zip codes throughout New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay area dominated the list however.