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CTA celebrates big anniversary by sharing archival images

The CTA is celebrating its 70th year of operation and the 125th birthday of the oldest ‘L’ tracks

Curbed Chicago Flickr pool/Bill Guerriero

To celebrate its 70th birthday and the 125th anniversary of the oldest stretches of existing ‘L’ tracks, the CTA is digging through its archives and sharing images of Chicago’s iconic ‘L’ system through the years. The CTA has been populating its new Instagram account with historic images showing the changes to Chicago’s public transit system starting from age of streetcars up to the ‘L’ system we’re more familiar with today.

The CTA has released a video companion to the launch of their new Instagram account which helps us get a clearer picture of how Chicago’s mass transit agency and system has evolved over the decades.

The agency is also planning on hosting events and promotions over the summer to celebrate the big anniversary. Dates and details for the promotions and other events are to be announced.