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Handsome midcentury modern home in Glencoe asks $824K

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The 1959 home’s glass walls, skylights, and floating stairs contribute to an airy, open ambiance

756 Glencoe Dr.
Photos by VHT Studios via Redfin

While midcentury modern has never really gone out of style, the look is certainly having a moment among multiple generations of homebuyers that appreciate the design movement’s open layouts and clean architectural lines. Take for example this attractive mid mod home for sale in suburban Glencoe, Illinois. The four-bedroom house was designed by Gerald Siegwart in 1959—the same year the architect completed the notable “Googie style” Pride Cleaners in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood.

The property features tons of natural light through its large floor-to-ceiling windows and overhead skylights. It even gives a bit of a modernist nod to Chicago’s classic Prairie school of design with its broad horizontal eaves and thoughtful integration with its natural surroundings.

Situated on a lushly landscaped lot just a distance from the beach and mere steps from downtown Glencoe and Jeanne Gang’s award-winning Writers Theatre, this timeless home is currently seeking $824,500.